Fic Archive

I've decided that in lieu of doing something productive with my time I should make a fic archive. Here's my first effort. I'd be very glad to hear any suggestions on organization/formatting/information included etc that you guys might have.

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Korean Name Suffixes

So I was reading this fic the other day, and it was really good, but I kept finding myself distracted by the author's incorrect usage of Korean name suffixes (-hyung, -ah, -ssi, etc.). I think it's a great idea to use these, as they reveal important relationship dynamics that otherwise remain hidden in English, but if you are going to use them, I think it's important to do so in a way that makes sense in the Korean sociolinguistic context. To help people with this, I've created this handy-dandy post with (most) everything you could ever dream of knowing about

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I hope you now feel absolutely inundated with knowledge. If you have questions, concerns, or (heaven forbid!) corrections, let me know.

K-Idols Age Post


It's been hiding in the shadows as school devoured my life this semester, but now that classes are over, it has yet again reared its ugly head and offers you this: a handy-dandy list of THE BIRTHDAYS OF K-IDOLS, separated by year, ordered by age and color-coded by group!

I shit you not. D:

The correct responses to this post are outlined as follows:
  • First and foremost, LOL at/with me

  • then

  • Thank me, because you know you get pissed off when you can't remember who's whose hyung and shit
  • Give me more idols to add and shit
  • Tell me whose birthdays I got wrong, since I know some of them have supar-sekrit-unofficial!birthdays and shit
  • Give me suggestions on how to make it less ugly and shit D:
...and shit. OK ENJOY! :D

edit: NOW WITH EXTRA GEEK! I've added what I will call "chingu lines," which work as follows:
  • if A is within the same lines as B, the two are 친구 chingu, or "friends," and considered to be the same age
  • if A is a line or more above B, then (s)he is B's hyung/누나 nuna/오빠 oppa/언니 unni, depending on the gender of both parties, and is considered older than B
  • if A is a line or more below B, (s)he is B's 동생 dongsaeng and is considered younger than B
These divisions tend to be based on the Korean school year, so these are my best guesses as to how they work; if I've made a mistake, let me know.

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seouldout Round 2 Submissions

The competition is over, and I have come away with a bronze! Or something. In any event, it was a very enjoyable experience overall, and I was glad to make it to the final challenge. (Hell, I was just glad to have something to force me to write again. XD) The following are my submissions for this round—enjoy! Or not. No one's forcing you.


Title: Debutante
Fandom and Pairing: Jessica (Girls' Generation)/Donghae (Super Junior)
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Heterosexual sex.

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Title: The Idol's New Clothes
Fandom and Pairing: Wooyoung (2PM)/Sunny (Girls' Generation)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Notes: Inspired by what Sunny says here at 4:41.
Warnings: Kinky, naked non!sex of the boy/girl variety.

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Title: Missing, In Action
Fandom and Pairing: platonic Kibum/Heechul (Super Junior)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 words
Warnings: None.

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Title: Post Drink/Pretext
Fandom and Pairing: Siwon/Heechul (Super Junior)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 200 words
Warnings: Boys kissing.

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Title: Vibration
Fandom and Pairing: Henry/Ryeowook (Super Junior)
Rating: G
Word Count: 300 words
Warnings: None.

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The Mercy of the Almighty

For scylladakylla, because when I really like someone, I find it nice to rewrite one of their fics, only all shitty. (I swear, I actually had this idea before I read Connect, and I just couldn't help following through with it. Forgive me, Scylla! D:)

Title: The Mercy of the Almighty
Pairing: Onew/Key
Rating: G
Length: ~1600 words
Warnings: Stolen clothing. Anime lunchboxes. Complete, shameful subscription to umma/appa stereotypes. Dramaz.

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